Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Big benifits from purchasing toon boom !

i would just like to not e that i am currently please with the software i recently purchased to use during the production of my final major project.
Toon boom animate pro enables the user to achieve so much to reach their goals for a finished product.
A very handy tool to have would be the perspective view.
This enables the user to move layers around freely as well as animating the camera tool to achieve a more 3D style. as well as having the toggle view to really get stuck in and colour in each keyframe
all i can say is... money well spent !

The animatic of the showreel

Here is the animatic of the character show reel currently in production. Each character has a scene where they are acting out a performance matching their personality, for example Marlon being happy and out going to which he acts out a dance.
keep in note though that there is currently some changes and cuts  happening during the production.

Cuts to be made !

a still from the animatic of scene one. I felt that there had to be some changes made to my show reel both because i felt certain parts did feel right and also because i feel that there could be chance of improvement. Whilst i looked through the animatic and chose what parts i wanted to cut and change, i found that during production of popular animated sitcoms, such as Family Guy and The Simpsons, there are constant cuts and changes made. an example of this would be the character in Russ Cargill in the simpsons movie.
He was redesigned and animated again pure for the fact that Matt Groening and the other directors felt that he didn't have that look of authority and badness to him.
I feel that i have made the right choice in making cuts and changes as i feel i could make some major improvement

Title sequence in production !

this is a screenshot of the title sequence currently in production. Both the characters Dex and Raymond are speeding away in their car, to which the title of the of the showreel comes out of no where!

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2D with 3D composition

a Screenshot from a test on scene one of my final major project.
I am currently pleased with the end result of this part of the scene. The 3D crane fits in well with the 2D background. Also the quality of the export from toon boom animate pro is very crisp